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I have purchased 2 Ragdolls from Karen Hoppe at Rose Cottage Ragdolls. When I purchased my first kitten, I was very impressed with the care that Karen gives to her babies. I knew from that moment I was getting a well bred kitten. Her kittens are very loving and playful and I decided to get a little playmate for my Bentley.

Karen never hesitated to return my messages when I had questions. It was always in a timely manner. She was so kind to take photos of both kittens as they were growing up before they came to their forever home.

If you are considering a Ragdoll kitten, do not hesitate to contact Karen. She is an excellent breeder and you will not regret your new addition to your family.

~Kathy V., Macomb, MI

September 8, 2014

When I first contacted Rose Cottage Ragdolls, it was via email. Karen was very quick to respond, in less than 24 hours. We previously had 3 cats (mom & 2 sons) that we raised from kittens. Mom was a stray that just literally walked into our home pregnant. We kept her and her 2 boys. At that time I contacted Rose Cottage, I was heart broken. Our sweet momma kitty died just 3 months prior and one of her sons died 1 month after her. So, we were left with the other son, Elias...who was very lonely and so were we.

Karen was so kind and compassionate in her email back to me. Karen took the time to explain the ragdoll breed and to tell me all about their unique personality traits. She emailed me pictures of the baby buds she had who were 4 weeks old. I immediately picked a boy and a girl picture and asked Karen all about these two kittens specifically. Since ragdolls cannot come home until around 12 weeks old, Karen was always very diligent about keeping me updated with current photos and little stories. Karen gave me great advice and recommendations about bringing these kittens into our home with our one "elderly gentleman"; Elias was our one surviving 16 years old brother.

We visited our Lilly & Oliver (and their siblings) in December 2012- I was in kitten heaven! I could immediately tell these kittens were hand raised because they were so friendly and engaged in us as strangers. We also met Karen's adult cats- they too were friendly and involved in our visit. Her house is spotless- not a fur ball in sight!

We fully adopted our Oliver & Lilly from Rose Cottage Ragdolls in January 2013, they will be 2 years old in Ocotober 2014. These babies are healthy, loving, and fun to play with and they have very soft fur. Our lonely Elias took these kittens in stride, however we did see him playing with them many times. While Lilly & Oliver are brother & sister, they have very different personalities. Oliver is the "clown" personality...he is the most floppy. Lilly is more "serious" but when she gets excited to play...look out- she is like a little bucking bronco! They both bring so much joy into my life. After a long hard day at work...I so look forward to coming home and seeing these babies!

Our experience with Rose Cottage Ragdolls & specifically Karen was an excellent experience and I would adopt from them again and again in the future. I have referred a very good friend and colleague to Karen. She now also has 2 Rose Cottage kitties!

~Sheila H., Canton, MI

In July of 2013, we purchased our first Ragdoll from Rose Cottage Ragdolls. Karen Hoppe is one of a kind. She was very responsive to all my questions both pre and post purchase. Karen is very educated on the breed and takes every ounce of care for each one of her kittens before placing them into new homes. About a year after we received our "Cosmo" we decided it was time for another. In August of 2014, we brought "Cooper" into our family. Everyone who meets our boys are just in awe of how sweet, gentle, soft and not to mention how big they are! If there was ever a breed of cat I would recommend it would no doubt be a Ragdoll. If there was ever a breeder I would recommend, it would no doubt be Karen Hoppe of Rose Cottage Ragdolls.

~Michelle S., Grosse Point Farms, MI

I got my first Ragdoll from Karen and Rose Cottage Ragdolls a little over a year ago. He was 10 months old when I brought him home and I was a little worried that he might have a hard time adjusting to his new home. Boy, was I wrong! Huggy Bear adjusted quickly and has the best personality of any cat I've ever had, which speaks so highly of how Karen socializes her kittens and cats. That fact was reinforced when, this summer I got a kitten from Karen to keep Huggy company. I brought Biggie Smalls home in July, and there was really no adjustment time necessary! I kept Huggy and Biggie separated for 24 hours (if you've ever tried to introduce a new cat to a resident cat, you know what a nightmare that can be.) During the first few hours of having Biggie in the house, Huggy was curious, but never hissed, growled, or made one gesture that he was upset. Within 24 hours, Huggy had his "arm" around Biggie! The two have been inseparable buddies ever since. They keep each other company when I am at work; they travel with me all around the state; they meet all kinds of new people and get along with everybody. Even people who aren't cat lovers comment on how awesome these two are! I truly believe that it's because of the excellent care and socialization they received to start their lives. Deciding to go with Karen and Rose Cottage Ragdolls was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Thank you, Karen!

~Emily S., Northville, MI

May 2017

Hi Karen!!

I finally found you! In January of 2015, I brought Maggie into our lives. She was an older kitty from your ragdolls (8mos?) and she has been the best addition to our family. A lot happened that year. A week after I saw you, my son almost died. Maggie had attached herself to my son Jacob, and on Thursday night, I noticed that she walked into her room, checked him out and then climbed onto the bed and covered him. She was keeping him warn. I made a choice to take JJ to the peds the next day. I woke up the next day, and Maggie was right there with him, she was watching him, and protecting him. This is a behavior she has had since I brought her home. That morning, I went downstairs, and checked on a few things and when I returned, JJ was in shock. My husband was going to put him to bed, and because of Maggie's reactions to him, I ran him to the ER.

The doctor told me it was bad, and that he was Type I diabetic. He was 2.5 years old.

We were in the hospital for 4 days, most of that in the ICU. JJ was 2 hours away from dying, and Maggie was the one that I feel saved his life.
From that point, Maggie was his kitty, and she continued her watch him, and still does to this day.

A month later, Lily was diagnosed with Autism, and three months later, JJ was diagnosed with autism. In june of 2015, my husband filed for a divorce and a huge custody battle ensued.

Long story short, I fought for my all three of my children. Lily, Jacob, and Maggie. I won.

We live in Raleigh now-- and Maggie protects both children. She warns JJ of his highs and lows-- which is---remarkable.
When he comes home from school, she will run over and drape her body over him and hug him. She snuggles his bags, and both children are gentle and love her so much. She has been such a blessing to our home, and helped us get through the battle that we had to go through.

We are settling in Raleigh, and I work from home. Maggie is with me all day, and she never leaves my side. When I go to school with the kids, she goes with us. When I take the kids to see dad in Michigan, she rides with us. She is no different than one of my children. She is a blessing.

I am thinking of adding one or two more ragdolls to our home. I would love to give her a play friend or two, and have room in our hearts for more love. Maggie is spoiled. I noticed that you have an older colorpoint coming available-- I may be in Michigan June/July with Maggie,-I'll send some photos over soon-- I need to pull them off of my camera.

Maggie has been a godsend. When JJ drops low, she meows and goes crazy. I haven't had a need for a diabetic service dog because she is on it. I think she chose him as her #1 human, she loves me, but she's over the moon for JJ and Lulu. I don't think we could imagine our lives without her. She is an awesome furbaby. We are totally addicted to the ragdoll breed. :D
Thank you so much for letting me bring her into our family.

~Jill S

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