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Color/ Patterns

Mitted~ It has color on ears, face, body, and tail. Color white on front gloves, under chin, around neck, belly stripe, back hock legs. Color can be either seal, blue, cream or red.

Seal Mitted

Blue Mitted

Colorpoint~ It has color on ears, face, under chin, body, all 4 legs and tail.

Seal Colorpoint

Bicolor~ It has V shape upside down on forehead. It can be wide or narrow V. Color on ears, body and tail. Color white on face, chin, neck, belly, all 4 legs, and body.

Seal Bicolor

Blue Bicolor

Cream Bicolor

Tortie~ Tortie has either SEAL/RED or BLUE/CREAM color in one. Striking beautiful color. Marking color can be anywhere the pointed
is for mitted, colorpoint and bicolor. Seal and blue usually show up first before the second color, red or cream shows up after. Color isn't finished until around 2 yrs old.

Blue Tortie Mitted

Torbie~ Both lynx and tortie in one. Very pretty combination marking!

Seal Torbie Colorpoint

Lynx~ It has white stripes like tabby. Stunning beauty! It can be either mitted, colorpoint or bicolor.

Blue Lynx Bicolor

Seal lynx mitted

Blue lynx mitted

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