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Show Breeder Application

Please print, apply and email it to you!

What is your cattery name?

Are you registered with CFA, TICA or FIFE?

Are you a member of any Ragdoll club? If yes, list the name of club.

How many years have you been breeding?

Do you have website? If yes, what is the website link?

Are you on the facebook? If yes, what is the name?

What is your full name?

Where are you located? City, ST, Country

What is your email address? Phone number?

Why do you choose Rose Cottage kitten?

Are you looking for breeder or show breeder quality kitten?

Are you looking for male or female?

Pattern/ Color? Or it doesn't matter?

What is your country shipping requirements?

Courier or cargo? What age is allowed?

Will you cage the cat?

Will you show the kitten/ cat?

How well will you care of the kitten/ cat?

Will you provide the best quality food for the kitten/ cat?

Will you do early spay/ neuter offspring pet quality kittens before going to new homes?

Will you breed pure Ragdoll only, no mink, solid or outcross?

Please print your name and sign below that all answers are true and correct.


Sign                                                                              Date

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