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I just sent an application, am I approved?

The auto reply will inform you after I receive your pet application.
I usually respond within 24 hours, sometimes when I am very busy it takes 2-3 days after reviewing the application, if approved.

Can I send the deposit now?

We don't accept the deposit until we have the kittens available and will contact the applicants who are waiting on the list as soon as we can.

When will you have litters?

I breed from spring, summer and fall. Kittens would be ready for new homes at least 12 wks old from the day they are born in late spring, summer, fall and before Christmas. Sometimes after the holidays in Jan and Feb. Most of the time during winter in December, the moms take a break from heat cycles. Summer and fall I usually have more litters when the heat cycles are heavy.

When can I adopt a kitten or two?

If I have enough kittens available, I usually post the photos on my website as soon as I know which quality each kitten is. All babies born white, it takes a week or two to determine the color, pattern and marking. For red and cream color, it takes longer because they are so light and slower to come in. It takes 4-7 weeks old for the kittens to show their quality. For show breeder quality kittens, it takes 8-10 weeks old. Sometimes sooner for pet quality kittens. If an applicant already sent and approved, I will get back with them as soon as I have a kitten available before posting the photo on my website. After I receive the deposit, I send the update kitten's photos every 2 weeks.

Can I pick a kitten out of litter?

If the kitten is show breeder/ breeder quality, it will go to breeder. If I have pet or show alter quality kittens available, either I get in touch with applicants or post the photos on my website. I try to update with news when I have babies.

I want a kitten ready to pick up in the month of August, will you have one available?

Every litter is born at different times depending on the mom' s heat cycle, I don't promise the pick up date but I can give you updates what is happening on my website. I suggest to check back often. You can email me for updates too.

How often do I brush the kitten/ cat?

It depends how often the kitten/ cat plays, jumps, climbing or rolling over, you can either brush once a week, several times a month or often to keep up tangle free shiny coat.

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